Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Costco food court Pizza

**Updated 11/16/09 See New information below**

Costco Food Court is not family owned, but is a clever way for the wholesale club giant to get a few more of your hard earned dollars on the way out of the building. If you have ever done any shopping at Costco you know that the food court is a necessity. After pushing your over sized cart around the warehouse filling it with the bulk sized items of life, you will need to fuel up before taking on the parking lot.

The Menu at the Food Court includes Pizza by the slice or whole pie in one of 3 variety's cheese, pepperoni and combo (pepperoni, sausage, onion, green peppers and olives). They also have hot dogs, Polish sausages, chicken bake?, churro (deep fried stick coated in sugar), frozen yogurt, frozen coffee drink, frozen fruit smoothie and fountain sodas.

I got a slice of Pepperoni pizza and a coke, my wife had a slice of combo pizza, the bill for everything was around $5.00. The pizza's are cooked on screens(holey pan?) in a automatic oven, in one side and out the other. All of the slices are of uniform size, they use a rather large metal cutting guide to insure it. My slice of pepperoni had quite a bit of oil on the surface and when i flipped it upside down on the paper plate for a photo some of the oil was soaked up by the plate. I recommend you give it the flip even if you aren't taking a photo. After the grease was blotted I didn't have much to write about. The crust was OK, lots of cheese & pepperoni and some tomato sauce stuck between. My wife's combo slice actually looked better, except for those pesky green peppers, she didn't share so I have nothing to say about it (and my daughter erased the photo from the camera so no photo either).

If you think about the amount of love that goes into a pizza like this, it's really not bad. Just think the person making the pizza's is probably the lowest on the seniority list and can think of nothing else but becoming a checker... or at least the checker's helper.

My Slice came from the Costco at 4200 Rusty Road St. Louis, Missouri 63128, but I suspect it would be pretty much the same no matter what Costco you visit.

Recommended BUT
  • Only if you are already there.
  • Only if your significant other refuses to let you stop at a real pizza joint on the way home.
  • Only if you are about to pass out from low blood sugar, because your giant cart is over-filled.

P.S. If you are in a twist thinking "I got'a go and get a Costco membership now", hold your horses, you don't need a membership to get the pizza, but you should re-read my recommendation.

**Update** As of 11/16/09 my local Costco requires you to have a membership to visit the food court. I don't know if this is a permanent change or just for the holidays. You have been forewarned. GAW