Monday, April 16, 2012

CiCi's Pizza, March 2012

9745 Manchester Rd. Rock Hill, MO 63119 (map link);
Phone (314) 963-7200;

Pizza Style:  Thick and thin.
Oven type:  Gas conveyor.
The Skinny:  Beware the Claw Machine.
Price: $25 for 1 adult and 3 kids (under 10) with drinks
Chief Pizza eater says:  Recommended BUT.

On a weekend not long ago I promised my young pizza eater that I would take her and a couple of her pizza eating friends out for lunch.  It's not always easy finding a pizza joint that is acceptable to both young and old,  CiCi's was acceptable to both parties.  

CiCi's probably wouldn't be my first choice if I was just getting pizza for myself, but I figured I should take advantage of the situation, so I did my best to try at least one slice of every pie on the buffet.  There was everything from cheese, pepperoni, ham & pineapple to veggie.  For crust there was your standard thin crust, similar to a Papa John's or Domino's, Thick crust (I would call it pan) and ultra thin and crispy.  After trying them all I came to the conclusion that the thick crust with olive oil, mozzarella and sausage, and the ultra thin crust pepperoni were the best.  At the end of the buffet is the dessert pizza... or dessert that is baked in the pizza oven, including: brownie, cinnamon roll and a pizza crust cheese cake (It was a little vague but I'm pretty sure it was cheese cake).  Of the three the cinnamon roll was by far the best, with the brownie coming in a close second.

There was also a very small salad bar and pasta bar before the pizza, but I didn't partake as I knew I would be eating way to much pizza.  The salad bar look plenty fresh, but I'm not sure how well the pasta would do sitting on the buffet.

Once everyone had their fill of pizza it was off to the Game Room (aka: Claw Machines).  For pizza eaters under 10 the claw machines have a unbelievably strong attraction.  If given the chance I'm sure they would have spent more on the machines than the pizza.

The pizza wasn't bad and the young pizza eaters all found something that they liked,  but beware the Claw Machines as they can quickly take the value out of meal.

 Recommended BUT, beware the Claw Machines.

The Chief Pizza Eater.