Thursday, October 14, 2010


I recently purchased 3 DVD’s each with 4 movies on them, not just any movies, but classics like:  Forbidden Planet, Time Machine, Soylent Green, The Big Sleep, The Maltese Falcon, Strangers on a Train and The Wrong Man just to name a few.  Since I purchased them it has dawned on me that there is no chance in hell that I will ever get to watch them, Because...

I have come down with a bad case of DCOD,  otherwise know as Digital Content Overload Disorder.  It seems that most of my free time is spent sifting through tons of noisy data looking for that one useful fact or funny video.  I just seem to lose focus... (It’s happening to me as I write this post, just way to many things going on at one time.)

In the morning when I boot up a computer I usually find something like 200-300 items (all the blogs I read+) waiting from me in Google Reader, 10-15 updated threads in ADVrider, a few worthy items in Facebook and two email accounts with about 20-30 emails (personal, work related and junk that passed the filter).  That’s just when I boot up, if I’m having a busy day I can easily have 1000+ items in Reader alone before I can look at it.  Of course I can’t leave out the DVR can I?  It’s now digital content also.  The DVR is always full with MythBusters, Dexter, GoodGuys, Warehouse 13, NCIS, NCIS LA, Gears, Extreme 4X4, Horsepower TV, Trucks, Muscle Car TV, Truck U, Two Guys Garage,  The occasional Movie (anything by Tarintino) and the list just goes on.  Did I mention eBay or Craigslist?  Nope, but let me tell you it take though they add a whole other dimension to the DSOD.

All of this Digital Content is of course on top of working for a living, household duties (grass, trash and cooking 1-2 a week), raising a young child (7 year’s old) and commuting 10+ hours a week.

I currently have 2 post for The Pizza Files, 2 post for ScootnArt and a couple of other digital projects cluttering up my brain.  I will try to unload and upload them soon, once that is done I’m going for a bicycle ride, I feel like I’m turning into one of the humans from the movie Wall-E...

I have got to reevaluate my Digital Content and hack some of it off,  I’m missing out on two much of the 2-way communication (no time to leave comments when I should because I have to much data to sift...).  I apologize to all my fellow blogger’s who’s blogs I read (yes I read them, really) but only leave a statistic in Analytics as proof I was there.  I know it’s the positive feedback that keeps one going.  I plan on doing better, and I might get to watch those DVD’s too.