Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Pizza Files Summer Binge 2010..

The second annual Pizza Files Summer Binge is nearly hear, this years binge will start May 27th and end on August 12th.  Last year I had a modest plan to hit eight local pizza joints and find a few while on a road trip out west, in the end I had 25 different pie's (see photo above) from 17 different pizza joints.  I have a similar plan for the 2010 Binge, I would like to visit at least 10 local pizza joints and try to find a few during my travels.

The list that follows is but a suggestion and are in no particular order other than places I have yet to visit and places I have visited.

New locations:
Previously visited locations:

The Binge will start promptly at Noon on Thursday May 27th, where it will end I'm not sure, but it will end, at Noon on August 12th in fact.  Be there or Be hungry.


Just 10...   really.
The Binge, are you in?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pizzarelli's Pizzeria

Pizzarelli's Pizzeria

15858 Manchester Rd, Ellisville, MO 63011 (map);  (636) 394-0094;  pizzarellispizza.com

Pizza Style:  New York, Thin & Crispy and Deep Dish
Oven type:  Gas
Price:  $11 for a 14" cheese to $23 for a 18" Deluxe
Chief Pizza Eater Says:  Highly Recommended.
The Basics:  Nothing fancy, just Great New Your style pizza.

A couple of weekend's ago on our way home from a family outing, my wife says those rare words that I long for, "Why don't you order a for us to take home".  I was so shocked to hear those word that I immediately had a brain fart and was incapacitated for several minutes.  I had to pick a pizza joint that was close to home and would not take us far out of the way.  After processing the data for a few moments I came up with Pizzarelli's Pizzeria, and a Google search later I had the phone number, thank you android, and the order was placed.  Shortly after arriving at Pizzarelli's I had two fresh from the oven pizza's, a 14" half veggie, half cheese for the girls and a 14" pepperoni, meatball, Canadian bacon and onion for me, both on New York style crust.

The last time I had Pizzarelli's Pizzeria was September 2008, and let me tell you that is just way to much time between visits.  The girls didn't feel like sharing so I know theirs was good.  My pizza was excellent.  I like a lot of different toppings on my pizza and if not done correctly it can suffer.  Pizzarelli's did a great job, every bite came away with a little bit every topping.  The perfect quantity of ingredients, not to much not to little.  The crust was great, nicely done on the bottom, a little floppy at the tip and a little chewy at the edge.  The sauce was not overly seasoned.  There was plenty of cheese.  The sliced / crumbled meatballs were incredible, nicely seasoned and great texture.  Real Canadian bacon, or at least what us non-Canadian's call Canadian bacon, pepperoni with a little bit and thin sliced onions.  I was unable to resist it and had the first piece half devoured before I could get the camera out for the obligatory photo.  That first slice was heaven and it took every bit of will power to not eat the whole pizza in one sitting. 

The next morning the leftovers had a excellent trip to the toaster oven and I was in heaven allover again.  Granted not quite to the same extent as when it was fresh, buts still heaven.

Pizzarelli's Pizzeria has a full menu, besides three styles of pizza (New York hand tossed, Chicago thin & crispy and deep dish) there are Appetizers, Salads, Wings, Calzones, Eppie rolls, Pasta, Sandwiches and desserts.  They offer dine-in, but I would say they are more of a carry-out and delivery joint.

Pizzarelli's Pizzeria is well worth the trip and I can guarantee it won't take me a year and half to visit again.

Highly Recommended.