Monday, July 28, 2008

And then there was the Pizza files.

The green chile parade being over, I figure I will start chapter 2, something close to home and close to my mid section. The Pizza Files. I've always loved pizza for as long as I can remember. As a small child pizza was a group thing, if we had pizza it was usally 3 or 4 familys together sometimes at the pizza place sometimes the guys went and picked up. It always came from the Pizza House on the south side of Moberly, MO. 35 years and I still vividly remember the taste and texture of the pizza not to mention the interior of restaurant. The Pizza House has been gone for almost 25 years now.

1984 I was sixteen and I had a 1973 Super Beetle with god only knows how many miles on it. It was the perfect car to deliver pizza's in, so thats what I did. I started out as a delivery "BOY" and when I quite on Christmas Eve 1986 I was the assistant manager. In the 2 1/2 years I worked there I became the best pizza maker the Pizza Works had ever seen, and I learned a very good lesson. That lesson was that I prefered to eat pizza than to make it.

Those two pizza joints enfluenced my tastes in pizza to this day. At the Pizza House I started with good old pepperoni, and as I matured the Spartan Special became my prefered pie (the Spartans were the local high school team, the pizza had pepperoni, hamburger, and Canadian bacon). While working at the Pizza Works my palette expanded again. I came to enjoy the BJ special... One of the owners was Bruce Johnson and it was his creation hence the name. I still order it on the rare occasion when I visit Pizza Works. The BJ special consist of the usual, crust, sauce, cheese and a light sprinkling of sausage pellets (yes pellets don't know what they were make of), pepperoni, onions and finally a liberal shake of parmasan cheese before in the oven.

Today my pizza should have pepperoni, meatballs, Canadian bacon, and red onions. I shouldn't have to mention it, but Mozzarella is the only proper cheese for pizza. Hand tossed crust is also called for. Please don't think I'm a pizza snob, but if I'm paying thats what I'm getting. I like all pizza and if your buying I'll eat it even if it's got green peppers (the most evil of all food).

Yes that is my 1973 VW Super Beetle that I delivered pizza's in. GAW

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