Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pizza Snobz, Deep Fried.

Are you getting tired of your run of the mill pizzeria pizza? Is your slice just not quenching your caloric needs? The Pizza Snobz of the Wilson Borough in Easton, PA have got just what you need, Deep Fried Pizza. You can drop every thing else in the deep fryer so why not a slice of pizza. For the full story click the title link.

Just in case you have a craving Pizza Snobz is located at: 2300 Butler St. Easton, PA 18042

I now know what direction my summer road trip will be going...



Anonymous said...

Don't road trip if you haven't. It looks like Pizza Snobz is closed. Now there are only 3 places doing fried pizza in the US.

Anonymous said...

WRONG they moved to forks township...like a mile above Lafyette college