Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Binge Part 16, unplanned bonus.

The Dude calls the Man and it goes something like this;

Dude: "hey Man, Pizza?"
Man: "Dude, Blackthorn?"
Dude: "Man, Tonight!"

That's more or less how Blackthorn Pub became part 16 of the Pizza Files 2009 Summer Binge.

Today's pizza was a Chicago style deep dish with pepperoni, hamburger and onions. Where's the salad you ask? The Blackthorn has pizza, pizza or pizza, if you want something other than pizza you are in the wrong place.

To call the Blackthorn a dive bar is an under statement, but it does have pretty good pizza. You just got to know how to get served, luckily The Man lives close by and knows the rules. I go into more detail about the Blackthorn in the furture, so check back soon.


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