Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pizza Files 2010 Summer Binge, Stop Twelve.

I like to get away from the St Louis area to sample some pizza once in awhile, so I often head towards my old stomping grounds of central Missouri.  One of my fellow pizza eaters has been telling me about a new joint in a small town not far from where I grew up, so I decided a road trip was in order so as to give it a try.  That's how Main Street Mercantile in Clark, MO became stop twelve on the 2010 Binge. 

The Main Street Mercantile is basically a small town (pop. 275) quicky mart and has rather unusual hours so if you plan on eating there you better call ahead to confirm they will be open.  I arrived in my home town on Saturday about 4:30 p.m. had the pizza ordered by 5p.m. and picked up at 5:30p.m. just shy of their closing time.  We ordered two large (14in) meat-lovers pizza's with onions added to one.  The first thing I noticed was how heavy the boxes were, they don't skimp on the toppings.  They even use Red Onions, my favorite.  The pizza was pretty good, but I would probably pass on the sausage and beef / hamburger next time.

Chief Pizza Eater.

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