Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pizza Files 2010 Summer Binge, Stop Fifteen.

I had planned to eat at Pi during last years Binge, but it just never happened.  So I was determined it would happen this year.  I called some fellow pizza eaters that are fans of Chicago Style deep dish pizza and told them when I would be there.  That's how Pi became stop fifteen on the 2010 Binge.

We started with a BLT salad.  One pizza eater started dinner with a Purple Cow, not sure how he was able to eat any pizza.  For pizza we had a thin crust Margarita, thin crust with half pepperoni half pepperoni & sausage and a deep dish with half Berkeley half Kirkwood.  We had intended for the pepperoni & pepperoni, sausage to be a deep dish also, but I must have been talking funny when ordering.  We were offered   a new pizza but, we were all pretty hungry and didn't really want to wait the extended time for a deep dish to bake.  It was probably a wise decision.  One of the things about their pizza that makes them stand out from the crowd is their cornmeal crust, and I have to say I just wasn't feeling the love for it.  That includes the thin crust also.  I liked the thin crust pizza somewhat better than the deep dish, but I probably won't be returning any time soon unless somebody else is paying.  I guess the press coverage and general hype about PI had me going in with high expectations, your pizza may vary.

The Chief Pizza Eater.

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