Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Binge Part 12, unplanned bonus.

The Binge is fast coming to a close, August 9th will be the last day.

After working on a project all day, I found myself hungry, without food and no energy left to cook. Plus I just didn't want to waste a weekend by not having pizza, but it had to be fairly close and some place I hadn't been to. That's how JJ Twigs became Part 12 of the Pizza Files 2009 Summer Binge.

On the menu was a House Salad with the House dressing (Italian Ranch) and a Double Decker pizza with pepperoni, Canadian bacon, hamburger and onions. Yes I said Double Decker, look closely at the photo above and you can see the two layers of pizza. You will have to wait for the review for more...



Jenifer said...

As your quest/binge is coming to a close... a few to check out - or should you get to Pennsylvania at some point... Sabatini's (their crust is amazing) and Victory Pig (deep fried pizza is an experience everyone should have once!). They are both in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, and apparently you can get them at the grocery store now, but it's not the same... seeing as how you are from the St. Louis area - it would be like getting Lion's Choice or Ted Drewes at the grocery store. :) That's what happens when you live across the country - favorites in all locations! Good luck to you!

682202 said...

Jenifer, I will put Sabatini's and Victory Pig on my to-do list. I heard about Pizza Snobs and their deep fried pizza earlier this year and thought I might head east this summer and have some, but my plans changed at the last minute. My eastern United States Pizza tour will have to wait a while. Thanks for stopping by. GAW