Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Papa John's Pizza.

It wasn't my Money! I just want to set the record straight right from the beginning.  So how did I come about eating Papa John's Pizza you ask?  I performed manual labor for a relitive and was provided dinner in return, dinner being the pizza disscussed here.

If you have never heard of Papa John's Pizza then you must live under a rock with no TV, radio or newspapers. Papa John's is one of the Big Three Chain's, Domino's and Pizza Hut the other two.  "Papa" John Schnatter started making pizza's in 1983 in his dad's tavern.  A year later he opened the first Papa John's Pizza.  Today there are over 3,000 Papa John's Pizza Delivery and take-out restaurants around the world.

The Menu may very from one location to another, at the Papa John's in my neck of the woods you can get pizza in one of 3 crust:  original (hand tossed?), thin or perfect pan.  It looks like the normal cheese is mozzarella, but you can also order a 3-cheese blend.  Besides pizza they have calizones, bread sticks, chicken wings/strips, desserts and bottled soft drinks.

We had a order of spicy Buffalo chicken wings.  Other than they were reddish orange and come with blue cheese dressing I can't comment, I'm not much of a fan so I didn't sample them.

For Pizza we had three variety's, all on original crust, and each had Papa John's special touch, Garlic dipping sauce and a peppercini.  The first was cheese the second was sausage & mushroom, and the third was pepperoni, ham, beef and onions.  I sampled all three of the pizza's.  One thing they all had in common was the crust (I use the word loosely), although it was dark brown on the bottom, under the sauce there was 1/4 inch layer that was rather doughy, sort of like a steamed bun you get at a Dim Sum restaurant.  The crust, again I use the word loosly, is more like bread than a pizza crust.  The toppings were ok, the ground beef and sausage were seemed to be more uniform in shape and size than ground meat should be.  I must admit the most enjoyable part was dipping the crust in the garlic dipping sauce. 

So the big question is, Would I eat it again? Sure, on somebody else's dime.  There are to many mom and pop joints to spend my money at Papa John's Pizza.

Papa John's Pizza, for more information check out their web-site (click on the title link).  I'm not going to give you any address or phone numbers, if you really have to eat there you have to look it up your self

If somebody else is paying.


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irondad said...

We don't have a Papa John's here, anymore. Can't figure out why they went out of business while the other chains did not.

I agree on the quality of Mom and Pop joints but we are too small a town for that, too. So we make our own but don't get that oven fired crust.

I heard that the founder of Papa John's paid 25,000 dollars to buy back a Camaro he owned as a young man. Must be nice. Somebody's eating their pizza!