Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Pizza Files 2009 by the numbers.

The above collage shows 46 of the pizza's that I enjoyed so far this year, I still have one more day, who knows I may get one more in before the year is up.

According to Google Analytics The Pizza Files had
989 Visits
585 Absolute Unique Visitors
1837 Pageviews
1.86 Pageviews/visit
68.55% Bounce Rate
00:01:58 Average time on site
58.95% new visits

Visitors from 38 countries/territories

Traffic sources Of the 989 visits
6.88% Direct
51.77% Referring sites
41.35% Search Engines

The Top 4 Search Keywords:
pizza snobz - 26 visits
pizza files - 25 visits
costco food court pizza - 23 visits
costco food court menu - 11 visits

Single post with most pageviews
Costco Food Court Pizza with 108 page views.

For Browsers
Firefox - 54.8%
SeaMonkey - 0.10%

Gee'z way to many numbers, go eat some pizza already...

Chief Pizza Eater


irondad said...

I like your job title. How do I apply to be a Chief Pizza Eater?

Happy 2010 and many more pizza pies.

682202 said...


It has taken many years of apprenticeship to earn the title of Chief Pizza Eater. May your all your pizza be delicious in 2010.