Thursday, June 10, 2010

Picasso's Pizza

Picasso's Pizza

7827 Mexico Rd. St Peters, MO 63376 (map);  (636)387-1699;

Pizza Style: Hand tossed (New York), Sicilian
Oven type: Gas
The Skinny: Great pizza by the slice or whole pie. No ham or Canadian Bacon?? Closed on Sundays.
Price: $7.95 (12in cheese) to $17.00 (16in Rembrant), $2.50 (slice of cheese)
Chief Pizza eater says:  Highly Recommended.  Unless you can't live without your ham or Canadian Bacon.

I have been to Picasso's a few times since the first of the year, but I've only gotten a slice of pepperoni on those visits, so I haven't gone into detail until now.  I had seen there name in the phone book, but was encouraged to try Picasso's by the friend of a friend pizza eater.

We started with a house salad with the House dressing (creamy Italian), it's covered with tomatoes, red onions, black olives, and mozzarella cheese.  The salad, big enough for two also comes with garlic sticks.

For Pizza we had a large with half pepperoni, meatball & onion, and half pepperoni & bacon.  The slice, nicely done on the bottom,  needs some support at the end or just fold it New York style and your good to go.  It's nice and chewy at he edge, just the way I like it.  With the first bite you notice they don't skimp on the  cheese.  There's a lot of cheese, the rest of the toppings not so much but still a little bit of everything with each bite.  The meatballs, quite good are sliced on the thin side.  The sauce wasn't too sweet or spicy, it complimented the rest of the pie.

Picasso's Pizza has a full menu, with two styles of pizza, hand tossed (New York) & Sicilian.  There are also Appetizers, Salads, Entrees (pasta), Hot Sandwiches and Paninis.  They offer dine-in, carry-out and delivery (We were told so on the phone, but the web-site doesn't list it so check ahead).

All of my fellow pizza eaters enjoyed the pizza and said they would go again.  I found everything quite good also, and I'm sure I will be returning again soon.  At the very least I need to try the Sicilian pizza (thick crust).  I also like that you can get your pizza by the slice, including the Sicilian.  So whether you want a whole pie or just a slice for lunch, give Picasso's Pizza a try.  Picasso's Pizza is well worth a visit.

Highly Recommended.


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