Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pizza Files 2010 Summer Binge, Stop Five.

The Fith Stop on the 2010 Summer Binge was on my list, but not my intended location for the day.  The last few days have been kind of a lousy, so I was determined to drowned my self pity in Pizza.  I had wanted to visit someplace new to me, so in my aimless wandering around this afternoon I found my self at Feraro's Jersey Style Pizza in South St. Louis County, only to find it closed on Monday's.  My Day just got worse...  I tend to have a hard time deciding where to eat, so finding the place closed was just one more kick in the ribs.

I start to think about the different pizza joints between where I was and home, several came to mind but only Fortel's was on list  for the 2010 Summer Binge, so it's decided.  That's how Fortel's Pizza Den became stop Five on the Pizza Files 2010 Summer Binge.  I started with a small side salad and the House dressing.  For pizza I did my favorite,(remember I'm drowning my self pity) Pepperoni, ham, hamburger and onions.  Fortel's pizza is very interesting, It's a bit like St Louis style in that they put sauce and toppings all the way to the edge, no handle on this pie, and it's cut on the square.  Similarity's stop there, the crust is slightly thicker, they use Mozzarella cheese and they put all the toppings on top of the cheese.  Speaking of toppings, they load it up.  Delicious, no matter how they slice it.

The Chief Pizza Eater.

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