Sunday, February 20, 2011

G & D Pizzaria, February 2011

It's hard for me to pass through Columbia, MO with out stopping for pizza,  and this last minute trip was no different.  My self and a junior pizza eater arrived at G & D around 6pm on Saturday and found the place absolutely packed.

Well there was one empty table and we got it.  When we left about an hour later people were lined up around the building to get in, that should tell you something about the pizza.  Yeah it's that good.

We stared the meal with a Greek salad, full of olives, feta cheese, tomato's, onions, lettuce and a great dressing.

For pizza, the junior pizza eater requested a small cheese pizza, she said it was excellent, although not as good as the pizza I make (the last bit may have had something to do with not wanting to walk back to St Louis...).  She ate 3/4's of the pizza before calling it a day.  I ordered a pepperoni, Canadian bacon, hamburger and onions.  The line of people waiting to get in say's more about the pizza than I can put into words.  It really is great pizza and of a style all there own.

Highly Recommended.
Chief Pizza Eater.

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