Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Pasta House Co. February 2011

The Junior Pizza Eater wanted toasted rav's for supper, and in St Louis just about the best place to get them is The Pasta House Company.

I have eaten at the Pasta House many times over the years, but never have I had their pizza.  There were three of us, but only one pizza eater.  We started with some cheese sticks and a order of Artichoke and Spinach Dip Con Crostini.  Of course we also had the famous Pasta House Co. special salad.

For pizza I ordered a small (12in) with pepperoni, meatballs, onions and anchovies.  Yes anchovies, I though I would mix it up a little.  The first thing I noticed when the pizza showed up at the table was how many anchovies it had, I have never see that many on a single pizza, ever.  Either they are very generous with the anchovies or they had a tin that had been opened for a while and needed to use them up or throw them out, I think the later was the case.  The pizza was typical St Louis style pizza with thin crust and provel cheese.  The pizza was fine, a few less anchovies wouldn't have hurt, but in the end St Louis style is just not my thing.

I will no doubt eat at The Pasta House Co. in the future but I'll stick to the pasta next time, the Rigatoni Alla Carbonara is my favorite.  It's called The Pasta House Co. and not the The Pizza House Co. for a reason.

If somebody else is paying.
The Chief Pizza Eater.

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