Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pizza Works, February 2011

It was a cold rainy night and I was spending the night alone in my childhood hometown.  What better way to cheer up, than have pizza from one of my favorites.

I have to say upfront, that I have some history with Pizza Works.  As an unruly teenager, my friends and I would go there and  create a mild ruckus just about every weekend.  Oh we would eat pizza also.  Once I got to be of driving age and needed gas money I applied for a job at Pizza Works and actually got hired.  The manager that hired me didn't normally work when we had caused trouble so didn't recognize me, hence the job.  I actually worked my way up to Assistant Manager...  Believe me when I say I have eaten a lot of Pizza Works pizza, the funny thing is I loved the pizza as a youngster and when I worked there. And I still love it today.  I could just keep going on about how Pizza Works affected my life, but I have gone on long enough, on to the pizza.

I ordered a medium BJ special on the regular crust (they also have pan pizza, thicker and more bread like).  If I'm not mistaken it was named after one of the owners, Bruce Johnson.  The BJ special has pepperoni, sausage, onions, mozzarella and a liberal shake of Parmesan cheese.  There is a method to the ingredients,  if you ordered a pizza with those toppings it would look and taste different.  It's all about the proper ratio of pepperoni and sausage.  The pizza was cooked to a light golden brown on the bottom and the edges of the pepperoni just starting to get crisp.  It also had a generous amount of cheese.  It was a most excellent pizza and brought back many good memory's.

There are 3 Pizza Works restaurants, but I have only been in the Moberly, MO location, but I'm sure the other two locations are just as good.  Back when I worked there the crew in Mexico, MO thought they were the best, but I know better.  The only thing that would have made the visit better is if I was sitting in the back booth with my friends having a ruckus good time...

Highly Recommended.
Chief Pizza Eater.

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