Friday, August 5, 2011

Stefanina's July 2011. Binge 2011 Stop 9.

Fridays are days of weakness, or maybe I just like to celebrate the coming of the weekend.  I eat a lot of pizza on Fridays, and Stop nine happened to be on a Friday, so I found myself ordering from Stefanina's Pizzeria and Restaurant.

Stefanina's does St Louis Style Pizza, but you have the option of getting mozzarella cheese, and we did.  We started with a House salad and House Italian dressing.  For pizza we had a large half bacon and half pepperoni, ham, hamburger & onion.  It was all very good, even the bacon pizza.

There was plenty of leftovers and the next morning I found a great use for them, see my previous post.

Recommended But get the Mozzarella.

The Chief Pizza Eater.


Bill at Stef's said...

Thank you for the nice words! We had oven problems last Friday, so having a successful review is great. If you are in the O'Fallon area again, please be sure to say hello.

Stefanina's Pizzeria
Stefanina's Express

682202 said...

Bill, your welcome. I enjoyed the meal and I have to say that bacon pizza was great the next morning for breakfast. I try to include the location when there are more than one, but just don't always remember. This pizza was from your St Peters location on Jungermann.