Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Binge 2011 and all the leftovers...

During the Summer Binge a lot of pizza is consumed,  but there is also a lot of leftovers.  Cold pizza for breakfast is staple of mine during the Binge season, but sometimes I do crave for a little more.  So I teamed up with LeenaTV to come up with better use of leftover pizza and I think we have a winner.

Highly recommended.

The Chief Pizza Eater.


irondad said...

Cute. Leena has a unique kitchen. Never saw one with a pair of big hairy hands that come out of nowhere to help!

Just wondering why, in the first shot, one piece of leftover pizza has a rectangle cut out of it?

682202 said...

It's funny you should mention the arms, everybody she has shown the video to she has to tell them to watch as her arms magically get big and hairy...

The rectangle is do to the pizza being St Louis style, it's cut into squares (or rectangles as in this case). It does make it easier to use in the making of pizza-n-egg sandwich's.