Saturday, July 2, 2011

Picasso's Pizza June 2011. The Binge 2011 stop 6.

A favorite, but I just can't seem to find my way there very often.  The family out of town and working just down the street, I couldn't help myself.

A House salad with the house dressing and a large pizza with pepperoni, meat balls and onions.  More than enough to feed my self and a second pizza eater.  We had enough left that two more pizza eaters would have gotton their fill, and only a shade over $20.  Plus the pizza and salad was great!


The Chief Pizza Eater.


irondad said...

You know, until I started looking at these posts I never realized there was such a varied pizza world.

Why do they call this Picasso? Do you need to wear a painter's smock becauce the pizza is so messy? Or is it because the pizza is a work of art?

682202 said...


The world of pizza is indeed a endless variety. My problem is that I like them all...

I'm not sure why they are called Picasso, but I can tell you that when I make a pizza it is a Work of Art.

G Art W