Saturday, July 2, 2011

Red-L Pizza June 2011. The Binge 2011 stop 5.

Just a small red dot on Google Maps.  With some arens to do after work I pulled up Google Maps, narrowed it down to the area I would be going and type pizza into the search box and a small red dot caught my eye.  I put the curser over it and it said "Red-L Pizza".  I had never heard of it, perfect.

I ordered a Red-L Caesar salad and for pizza I got 12" with pepperoni, meat loaf and onions.  The cheese was a House blend, and when asked I was told it was mozzarella and provolone cheeses.  The crust was of the thin St Louis Style.  The pizza and salad were both great.  I'll be back.

The Red-L you will notice from the photo is just that, a red L.  They are a carry out only joint, but they do have some outside seating, although it doesn't appear they have table service.  The Red-L can be a little hard to find the first time so keep that in mind.


The Chief Pizza Eater.

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